Anglia Square | World Mental Health Day at Anglia Square!
Anglia Square is home to over 25 stores for you to explore, an amazing shopping, eating and events destination in Norwich.
Anglia Square, Shopping, Norwich
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World Mental Health Day at Anglia Square!

World Mental Health Day at Anglia Square!

This year has posed extra challenges for many. A year with so many changes to adapt to has inevitably meant many people have found themselves needing extra support for their mental health.

For World Mental Health Day on 10th October we want to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our minds healthy as well as reducing the stigma attached to mental health: It’s ok to not be ok.

If you’re struggling with mental health or know someone who is, we have put together a guide on how to get help and give help too.

Ways to improve mental health

There’s a number of activities that you can practice to improve your mental health.

Get outdoors. Being out in fresh air and close to nature can help boost your mood, a walk at the beach or a trip to the countryside can help you feel refreshed. There’s plenty of lovely places to walk around Norwich.

As well as getting outside, focusing on including fitness into your routine is a way to increase natural hormones.

Do something you enjoy, that may be reading a gripping book or listening to music, whatever it may be, make time for it and enjoy it.

Keep in touch with friends and talk about your feelings. It can take a big weight off your shoulders when you talk through how you feel.

Get Help

Taking steps to improve your mental health is great but it’s important to know when to ask for help. In Norwich we are lucky to have many great charities who can help provide support and guidance.


Well Being



Give Help

There are several ways you can give help to those who need it.

Volunteer at charity shops. At Anglia Square we have a variety to help out, including Scope, Sense, PACT and YMCA

Talk it out over coffee. If you know someone that is struggling, they may want to talk about how they’re feeling. Taking them for a hot drink at Greggs will give them the opportunity to have an open chat with someone who is all ears.

Make them a good meal. Perhaps you know a friend or family member who hasn’t been themselves recently. Cooking something for them not only ensures they are eating healthily but also shows them you care for them. Pick up quality produce at our local shops like Robert Brand Fruits and Peter’s Family Butcher.