Anglia Square | The Ultimate Ice Lolly Recipe
Anglia Square is home to over 25 stores for you to explore, an amazing shopping, eating and events destination in Norwich.
Anglia Square, Shopping, Norwich
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The Ultimate Ice Lolly Recipe

The Ultimate Ice Lolly Recipe

Prefect for a Summers day, a great activity for the kids and great for the whole family (even the dog), get ready to make some amazing ice lollies!

What You’ll Need

Serves Four
–> 250g your favourite fruit (we like to mix bananas and strawberries from Robert Brands Fruits)
–> 100ml of natural yogurt (or apple/orange juice to make it vegan- all from Iceland)
–> 1 teaspoon of honey
–> 4 ice lolly moulds (Poundland will do these)
–> 4 wooden ice lolly sticks
–> A blender or food processor (not got one? QD Stores is the place to go!)

What You Do

1) Mix your favourite fruits in the blender. Be careful with your fingers!

2) Add the yogurt (or juice) and honey

3) Taste Test!

4) Divide the mixture between the four ice lolly moulds

5) Add the wooden sticks

6) Put the ice lollies in the freezer for at least 4 hours, or until solid

7) Enjoy!

Send us your success story pictures and let us know what flavours you used!

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