Anglia Square | Get your Mother's Day Essentials, with Anglia Square
Visit Anglia Square this Mother's Day for all of your top gift buys!
Anglia Square, Norwich, Shopping Centre, Mother's Day
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Mother’s Day Essentials at Anglia Square!

Mother’s Day Essentials at Anglia Square!

It’s only a matter of days until Mother’s Day on Sunday 22nd March. So we’ve got some top tip ideas to keep you in the good books with Anglia Square!


1. A Goodie Bag for Mum!


Want an idea for a cheap but thoughtful Mother’s Day gift? Why not grab yourself a basket and cherry-pick a hamper full of goodies for your favourite lady from Poundland at Anglia Square.

With a great range of confectionery, home-ware, stationary, gadgets and gizmos to choose from, why not personalise a basket of goodies for your mother to make a big impact for a small price tag. From £1 per item, there is no way this gift idea will break the bank, but is sure to leave her smiling and feeling appreciated!



2. Sometimes small gestures are the best!

Why not take mum out for full English breakfast or a filled baguette at your local Cafe On The Corner.

They serve an all day breakfast, along with more traditional lunch time offerings including jacket potatoes, baguettes and cakes in case you fancy something sweet!

Even if not, why not surprise her by bringing her a takeaway cup of tea or coffee to brighten her day. The small gestures may mean the world to her!

3. Mother’s Day with Marmalade

Marmalade has pre-loved children’s clothes, accessories, toys and more, for a variety of different ages. So if you know a new mum experiencing her first Mother’s Day, tell her she’s been doing a great job, with a gift from Marmalade.

Fathers, this is your job to make the mothers feel special when their little ones are too little to buy flowers!



4. Beautiful Boots

Still not sure what to get that special number 1 in your life? Why not treat her to some goodies from Boots at Anglia Square?

With better than half price on Mother’s Day collections, 3 for 2 on skincare, a free gift when you buy 2 selected cosmetics or brushes, and many more mighty gifts for every Mamma, make sure to visit Boots and stay in the good books for another year!




5. Don’t forget the card!


Card Factory at Anglia Square is the perfect place for all your Mother’s Day essentials. Their huge selection of Mother’s Day cards are enough to sort you out. Not just cards though, as they have a range of balloons and gifts like mugs, confectionery, teddies, candles, glassware, and keepsakes. Easy for a spot of last minute shopping on the day before! Their cards cover categories such as step mum and grandma too, so no one is left out!






Head to Anglia Square now (or don’t, leave it til Saturday if you fancy!) and get Mother’s Day sorted with our great range of affordable stores, open 7 days a week.