Anglia Square | How well do you know Anglia Square?
Anglia Square is home to over 25 stores for you to explore, an amazing shopping, eating and events destination in Norwich.
Anglia Square, Shopping, Norwich
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How well do you know Anglia Square?

How well do you know Anglia Square?

Take our ultimate Anglia Square lockdown quiz to see if you have what it takes to be named Anglia Square champion!


There are 10 questions to the quiz, with all answers at the bottom of the page, enjoy!

1. What film premiere took place at Anglia Square in 2013?

2. What business once ran in Sovereign House at Anglia Square?

3. True or False, Anglia Square was once the site of a Crape (material mourners once wore) Manufactory?

4. What famous nightclub was once located at Anglia Square?

5. True or false, a roman coin was once found under Magdalen Street?

6. The Anglia Square postcode is NR3 1DZ. True or false, Norwich was the first place in the UK to have postcodes.

7. What style of architecture is Anglia Square?

8. What was the historic Northern part of the city, where Anglia Square is based now, once known as?

9. Trains began running on Magdalen Street in April 1900. True or false?

10. True or false, Anglia Square has over 20 stores?


 (Answers underneath our Anglia Square gallery!)





  1. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa
  2. HMSO
  3. True
  4. Fat Pauly’s
  5. False, it was found under Sovereign House
  6. True
  7. Brutalist
  8. Norwich-Over-The-Water
  9. False, it wasn’t trains but trams!
  10. True! They include:

Iceland, Be Active, Scope, Sense, PACT, Poundland, YMCA, Boots, Savers, Greggs, QD Stores, Shoe Zone, Cafe on the Corner, Anglia Square Car Sales, Marmalade, Betfred, Regenerating Gaming, Coral, Fashion Talks, Robert Brand Fruit and Veg, Nails Beauty Salon,