Anglia Square | How to take action this Earth Day
Incorporate small changes to live more consciously, ethically and invest in our planet
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How to Take Action This Earth Day

How to Take Action This Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, an annual awareness day to remind us to live more consciously and sustainably and make simple changes in our lives to protect our planet!

This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘Invest in our Planet’. Here are some easy changes you can make to do your bit and invest in our planet:

1.Say no to plastic packaging

A small change that can make a big difference is purchasing sustainable, plastic-free alternatives to your usual health care and household essentials. Ernie’s Zero Waste stocks a huge variety of vegan and plastic free products, from toothbrushes to laundry detergent, to reusable water bottles and coffee cups. They even sell packaging free flours, grains and cereals, just bring your own container, fill up and start your sustainable shopping journey!

2.Shop sustainable fashion

The fast fashion industry has a huge impact on the environment, being responsible for over 8% of total greenhouse gas emissions. A great way to reduce waste and be more environmentally conscious is by re-using and re-purposing old clothes, furniture & more instead of sending them to landfill. By both donating and buying clothes from charity shops, you can make a huge difference. Charity shops save over 3oo tonnes of textiles from going to landfill annually, and Anglia Square is the perfect destination for sustainable clothes and furniture shopping, whilst also raising money for a great cause, with Scope, Sense, Pact, St Martin’s, Priscilla Bacon and YMCA to choose from. Find out more about why you should shop second-hand here. 

3.Waste less

In the UK, 6.5 billion tonnes of food is wasted each year. One way to prevent this is planning your meals and therefore only buying what you need, eating leftovers for lunch the following day, or freezing them for a later date. For unavoidable food waste, order a food waste caddy, to be collected with your household bins. All food waste can be disposed of in the caddy and is recycled into biogas and biofertiliser. You can also make your own compost by purchasing a compost bin from QD stores.

4.Eat local

Shopping local produce is a great way of reducing your households carbon footprint. Buying local produce removes the long transportation implications and costs, whilst also allowing you to support local small businesses and avoid unwanted plastic packaging. Anglia Square is a great place to shop for locally sourced, sustainable produce from household products to food and drinks.

5.Eat more plants

A great way to fight climate change is with diet change. Eating less meat and more vegetables can be both beneficial to the environment and your health, and recommends trying a plant-based diet once a week. Robert Brand Fruits at Anglia Square makes this switch easy, selling locally grown, unpackaged, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Let us know what changes you will make to invest in our planet! Tag us in photos of your purchases from Robert Brand Fruits, Peter’s Family Butcher, our amazing charity shops & Ernie’s Zero Waste or email them to