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To celebrate National Gardening Week, find out which seeds to sow in Spring and where to get them from at Anglia Square
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The Best Seeds to Sow in Spring

The Best Seeds to Sow in Spring

For National Gardening Week (26th April – 2nd May, 2021), we are rounding up the best gardening essentials available at Anglia Square, continuing with the best seeds to sow in your garden this Spring. Click here to read our article on homemade seed bombs.

Following a long lockdown, our green spaces have become more important than ever for their benefits on our physical and mental wellbeing. So why not test out your green thumb this Spring by cultivating your garden with seeds from QD, using gardening essentials and pots from Poundland.

It is also easy to get the kids attention with vibrant plants, and gardening is a fun way to include children and encourage them to keep learning outside of the classroom, whilst also allowing them to develop a new hobby.

However, if gardening isn’t for you, head to Robert Brand Fruits at Anglia Square and let the professionals grow your vegetables for you!


If you are looking to bring some colour and vibrancy to your garden for Spring, planting flowers is the right way to go.

If you are gardening with children, having positive experiences of growing things successfully will usually increase their interest, so sowing seeds such as sunflowers and poppies are a great place to start!

Wildflowers are also great to plant in Spring as they require minimal effort and brighten up any space. Click here for our article on how to make your own seed bombs, which are fun for all the family and can easily turn your garden into your own personal meadow and a haven for pollinators.

Fruit & Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables can be extremely rewarding – and a great way to save money too. QD has a huge variety of seeds available for you to chose from, but root vegetables such as carrots and beetroot are best to sow at this time of year, ready to be harvested in late Summer.

If you don’t want to wait so long to see the fruits of your labour, try planting tomatoes, spring onions and chillies. Make sure to plant the tomatoes and chillies in an area that gets plenty of sun – you can even plant them inside, near a window or in a conservatory for extra warmth!

Let us know what you manage to grow! Tag us in your photos or send them to for a chance to be featured on our page.