Anglia Square | Get Crafting, With Anglia Square!
Anglia Square is home to over 25 stores for you to explore, an amazing shopping, eating and events destination in Norwich.
Anglia Square, Shopping, Norwich
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Get Crafting, With Anglia Square!

Get Crafting, With Anglia Square!

Anglia Square is the perfect spot to get all of your crafting and thrifting supplies, with over 25 stores with goodies to choose from.

Whether it be from a Charity shop haul, supporting local charities:

PACT Animal Sanctuary,




Or from a Poundland, QD Stores or Shoe Zone trip, where you’ll be sure to get some great bargain hauls.

For some great inspo tips, why not have a look at Kate McCabe? The ultimate YouTube thrifter, Kate is from Norfolk, and specialises in hauling bargains, especially at Anglia Square!

For crafting why not try:

Making your own facemask: Using any fabric (the fancier, the better!) and some elastic, you can create your own!

Painting your own kilner jar: perfect for adding those twinkling fairy lights!

Create your own colourful rainbow: using Poundland’s crafting section, like these colourful lolly sticks!

Design your own slippers: and personalise them with finishing touches. Get your slippers from Shoe Zone here!

The possibilities are endless, visit Anglia Square today to see what you can find, and create.