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Our Favourite BBQ Recipes

Our Favourite BBQ Recipes

To mark the start of National BBQ week, we’ve put together our favourite barbecue recipes, using the finest quality products available from Peter’s Family Butcher, Robert Brand Fruits and Iceland at Anglia Square. With a meat, vegetarian and vegan option – there’s something to please everyone!

First up, a barbecue favourite, here are our best ever burgers:

Makes 4

Cost for recipe = £6.38

Cost per portion = £1.60

To make our best ever burgers you will need:

500g lean beef mince

1 white onion

1 garlic clove

1 egg yolk

Mature cheddar slices

Lettuce leaves, torn

1 beef tomato

Brioche buns



Finely chop the onion.

In a large bowl, combine the beef mince, chopped onion, garlic, egg and breadcrumbs.

Once combined, season with salt, pepper and mixed herbs.

Divide mixture into 4 equal portions.

Shape each portion into a patty.

Place the burgers on an oiled barbecue and cook until browned, around 7 to 8 minutes in total, turning once.

Whilst the burgers are grilling, cut your brioche buns and spread evenly with mayonnaise.

Place the buns, cut side down, onto the grill until lightly toasted (around 30 seconds to 1 minute).

Once toasted, layer the lettuce, tomato, burger and cheese onto your bun, top with your favourite condiments and enjoy!

Next up is a simple vegetarian kebab recipe, which can easily be adapted to be vegan:

Makes 4

Cost for recipe = £5.89

Cost per portion = £1.47

To make our sweet chilli kebabs you will need:

1 block of halloumi

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

2 red onions

1 courgette

50ml sweet chilli sauce

Wooden skewers


Firstly, soak the wooden skewers in water to avoid burning on the barbecue.

Next, chop your halloumi into cubes.

Slice the courgette into rounds.

Chop the peppers and onion into chunks.

Slide your chopped veg and halloumi onto the skewers, alternating until the skewer is full.

Brush the skewers with chilli sauce.

Grill the skewers for around 3 minutes a side and enjoy!

To adapt the recipe to be vegan, replace the halloumi with quorn pieces, cherry tomatoes or aubergine.

Let us know how you get on! Tag us in your photos of your Summer barbecues or send them to for a chance to be featured on our page.